Mommie please don’t differentiate between us

Dear Mom,

Today I saw her completely in sobs. When I asked her why was she crying she didn’t answer me properly,  I fear she hates me. Is it because you compared her with me?? Probably, because until then she was perfectly fine. Mommie, please stop doing that, she is my only sister and I can’t afford to lose her.


I know I have scored good marks but that’s because I love to study and not to make her inferior. When you said her, “Look at your sister’s mark and yours”; her face was completely down. The way she looked at me doused the entire happiness I had for myself and I felt as I’m the victim of her sufferings. You didn’t notice how her Teachers praised about her good behavior and creative intellect. Are marks everything in life? If that’s so then I don’t want to score good numbers again or you will taunt her the next time too. I fear she will not talk or play with me. When God sent her to us, you did tell me that she will be my best friend forever and I can’t let her suffer like this.

One of my classmates used to always stay clandestine in the class, another day when the Teacher asked us about our life goals, she started crying suddenly and yelled that she doesn’t want to be a doctor. Our teacher spoke to her parents and they found out that she is constantly bullied at home as she is average in studies while both her parents are qualified doctors. Since then, all my classmates call her as a lunatic. I worry nobody names my sister the way they did. I also see many sad faces around me. My classmate Riya worries about her dusky complexion as her sister is pretty fair and this leads to a lot of differences between them. Even her sister laughs at her and bluntly says that she is very ugly to wear any good dress.  My friend Ankita, her parents love her brother more and she is paid no attention at home. And last month you had seen for yourself how Kanika’s parents openly bullied her as she lost a tennis match and isn’t an all-rounder like her siblings. That’s all so strange Mommie, why people do such things, Why do you do the same things too?

Shreya and I love you equally but you always put her down and that’s because of me and it’s not right at all. You always taunt her that she should learn to be like me but I think she should be like herself only. I never want you to be like Daddy or vice-versa, you both are different and unique. My teacher says every child is unique and beautiful in her own way.

Give her chance Mommie, trust me she will be fine.

Your Daughter

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