Quick Food Ideas from the kitchen of a Lazy Mom

I get frustrated if I have to spend more time in the kitchen. For me it’s like quick, quick, quick. And with a  year old baby I can’t even skip any of the meals so I have listed few Ideas you may want to have a look. It’s not innovative but a mix of what I have read and learnt from others and these things I try with my fussy eater-cheater baby:)


1. Khichdi: This may sound normal but you can do wonders with it. Mix any daal or sabji with rice and just fry it in jeera, tomato puree. It’s simple and varied like:

  • Moong Dal + Daliya + Bottle Gourd or Thurai
  • Dhuli Moong+ Arhar+ Rice+ Pumpkin + Carrot
  • Arhar Dal+ Rice+ Paneer+ Peas
  • Urad+ Dhuli Moong + Rice+ Peas+ Potatoes

So you see there are plenty of combinations apart from Rajma, Chole and Kale Channa, you can cook a tasty and healthy khichdi. To enhance taste and richness, add little ghee while cooking and serve with cheese.

2. Porridge: There are plenty of quick options for porridge.

  • Oats and Milk, you may try flavored oats too like apple- strawberry, honey or even a little chocolate to please your baby
  • Ragi and Milk ( Roast Ragi with a half-teaspoon ghee in a pan for 5 minutes, let it cool down and add milk then-after sugar/ jaggery powder)
  • Saboodana and Milk ( If possible soak saboodana overnight in little water or milk, they will become soft with reduced cooking time)
  • Rice and Milk ( Soak rice before and if rice is already cooked then blend it a little in mixer and boil it in milk for couple of minutes, easy !!)
  • Wheat and Milk ( Roast Wheat with a half-teaspoon ghee in a pan for 5 minutes, let it cool down and add milk then-after sugar/ jaggery powder)
  • Semolina aka Sooji and Milk ( Roast Sooji with a half-teaspoon ghee in a pan for 5 minutes, let it cool down and add milk then-after sugar/ jaggery powder)

3. Quick Bites: Where you need no preparation:

    • Fruits: Apple, Mango, Sapota ( Cheeku), Banana, Pear, Strawberry, Papaya, Watermelon , Beetroot directly or in the form of shakes. You can add salt, sugar or lemon as per the baby’s fondness.
    • Yoghurt: Mix a little sugar/ jaggery in curd and stir it a little. You can add fruits or you can buy flavored yoghurts available in stores. what’s the harm if your baby can eat a little from these.
    • Glucose biscuits: At times when there is no option left, I quickly soak 4-5 biscuits in milk/ water and feed her to slightly fill her tummy.
    • Custard: You can prepare it well in advance and add fruits before serving to those little tummies.


4. Awesome Food- Idli, Dosas, Upma. They are extremely good but my baby doesn’t eat but you surely can try. You can prepare  Dosa and Idli with Sooji if you don’t want to use Dal or rice powder.

5. Few Suggestions: If your baby is a fuss eater:

  • Add little breastmilk in every food you prepare for her.
  • Add jaggery powder in the milk products to enhance her iron intake.
  • Make powdered paste of Cashews and put a little in baby’s food once in day to enhance baby’s minerals intake.
  • Keep tomato puree and onion- garlic-ginger always in your kitchen so that add it quickly.
  • You can grind raw pulses and this will help to prepare a richer gravy to feed learning babies.
  • To soothe baby’s tummy, you can even add little ajwain for good digestion.
  • Don’t hesitate to give her packed baby foods if required. If you can cook everything on own then it’s great but good quality baby foods don’t hurt and helps you especially during travelling. You have to just carry boiled water and your preparation is done.
  • Sometimes handover some foods to your baby like cooked potatoes, carrot, cheese, cucumber, biscuit, paneer. Let her try, may be she will just play and torn it everywhere but may be she will put it in her mouth and chew. This is how they learn and start liking their food 🙂
  • Let your baby have her meal in a less distracted place or else she will not eat, cry or may start playing !
  • Don’t forget to smile and say words like “Good Girl“, “Well Done“to the little angels even if they have eaten lesser than the day before..

Happy Parenting!!

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