If you can, please breastfeed your child…

Being a mother is the greatest gift that I have received from God and as a Woman I have been chosen to be something special than a man. I remember the day when I was completely into pieces and lying in the hospital bed, all scrambled up and struggling to regain my breathe. My new born was kept in a small cot in front of me and all I could do was to hear her voice. Every time she cried, I pressed the call button and requested the nurse to feed her. They took her to the infant care room every 3 hours and she came back sleeping comfortably. On hearing her crying the next day a middle aged attendant swiftly lifted her and placed her to my side while I was still motionless. I didn’t knew what to do. “Baby should feel mother’s warmth and then they do not cry”, were her words.

Later lactation consultant came and advised me to feed the baby on breastmilk only. I wasn’t sure what I will do in the next coming days so I brought back the formula powder too. But from the time I came back to home till she turned 6 months, what I remember is that she was fed breast milk only. It is tiresome when you are not able to sit or lie in any position and has to hold the baby for at least 45 minutes so that she can learn to latch and repeat same activity after every 2-3 hours. Every time I thought about giving it up and read the composition of formula milk and reviews online about how it’s less or more useful for the baby. Often I wasn’t sure if it’s enough for the baby but somewhere in my conscious mind I kept myself aware that I will be able to nurture my baby through mother’s milk and I should rather feel lucky and must not stop it. Even when I was ill, paediatric stressed upon continuing breastfeeding so that the baby can develop antibodies in her and stay immune.

Few days before my friend shared her anxiety on how she is not able to breastfeed her small baby. Her baby remained admitted in the hospital for 10 days after birth and at that time she was only fed with formula milk. Now back home, she has completely refused to accept mother’s milk despite of so much efforts the  poor mother has poured in. Then there are few mothers who are not able to produce milk even when they deeply wish to and it’s hard for them to start with formula or cow’s milk. But if a mother is able to produce milk, she shouldn’t stop. Being able to nurse is the best gift that the mother has received from God . Not everyone is as lucky as someone who has got the opportunity to nurture the child on own.  No food on the earth can match the taste and goodness of a mother’s milk. If a restaurant offers you 100% organic and natural ingredients-filled wholesome food, even then you will not order food from there daily, right? There is some wellness attached to the food prepared in your kitchen. Ask your baby and he will tell you .

And I really salute those moms who are out for work and yet maintain ample stock of BF for their little one. Sometimes they have to peep in the washroom, have to stay up late at night to pump milk and hence ensure that the baby doesn’t receive anything lesser than required.

I also remember the discussion of some elderly people regarding the long term health benefits of breastfeeding. Well the crux is that the baby needs the mother’s feed equally as he needs you and it shouldn’t be any stopping.  Out of anger and frustrations, often I thought to give up exclusive bf and start with the formula powder kept in my kitchen’s shelf but then with clear mind I always evaporated that idea till the time she turned 6 months old. Till today my 11 months old baby express her fussiness towards the food that I offer to her but instantly rush for bf and I’m unable to refuse her.

Breastfeeding has its own convenience too, if you are travelling; you have to just cover a little yourself and can instantly solve baby’s thrust and fuzziness. During flight take offs or landing, at places where food is not congenial or is less, there you know you are the solution. So save a little, invest in a good feeding pillow, buy electric breast milk pump if you want

I have breastfeed my baby in flights, washrooms , movie theatre, garden, while shopping in stores car and even in a close wedding in a roof-less arrangement.

And above all without any hesitation ask your husband and family to support you. You can’t do everything on your own. There is a huge support that’s needed from the family too. First of all give space to the mother, don’t make her feel uncomfortable when she is made to unbutton in front of all the ladies in her room. Give her peace and let her tune moments with her little precious. Provide mother a good meal diet and doesn’t just stick to plain chapattis and daal for her. Paediatric suggests that the baby receives all flavors through mothers milk and more the variety of food that mother will eat, lesser are the chances that baby will get fussy for food later. Let the mother eat what she wishes too. And also don’t load her up with household chores and other routine things suddenly; give her time to adjust in the new setting and regain her mental and emotional stability apart from her health. Not just the family, but her office and the entire society we live in need to understand the value of these building block moments of the new baby’s life. Companies shouldn’t be harsh on providing adequate time of at-least 6 months after the birth.

Simply feed your child and enjoy cosy moments. Let the world feel envy of you, don’t stop. And please do keep in mind that breastfeeding will not make your more or less as a mother, a mother is always a mother. It’s not a taboo if you don’t feed your baby, nobody will judge you and yes this is an individualistic choice. But yes breastfeeding the baby always has an upper benefit. No doctor on earth can deny the better benefits of breastfeeding the child for at-least 6 months, even WHO recommends the same globally. So ladies don’t be shy, you are special. It’s a matter of couple more months, you can do it!!


  • Dear Mother, remember breastfeeding is good for your body, health and mind as well.
  • Dear husband don’t assume that breastfeeding will make your baby to love you less than the mother, there is time to everything. Instead show what you can do best at the moment.
  • Dear MIL and other ladies, let your Bahu live her time and have full faith on her, her milk is adequate for the baby; if not she will consult you for sure.feeding1

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