I’m Not Ready To Lose My Pregnancy Weight Yet

My elder brother had been abroad from very long time and was very excited to visit back and meet my daughter. Once his eyes were on me he gave me a very surprise look” Geetu, you have put hell lot of weight, she is now 7 months. It’s time to do something”.

And my sweet father sitting next to added the same proactive lines on how to reduce weight especially the stomach!

Yes, I know how much heavy I have become now. Indeed very heavy and even after continuous breastfeeding for initial 6 months, results aren’t too significant. And yes I do exercise, but most of the time my baby wakes up and then I find it hard to begin all over again. But there are times when I do exercise and sometime I just don’t care!
As a mother handling the baby all alone, what should I care most and what should be my priority at the moment?? A good stamina to ensure my baby’s well being, right? So that’s what I’m doing.
Don’t judge me as ‘good for nothing , tv-watching, fast-food junkie’ lady.  I really don’t know what should be my ideal weight, the one I had before the pregnancy or the one that I’m holding now and who should decide the same. I do eat balanced food, but there is no magic wand I can row to disappear kilos instantly.  Those extra flabs and love-handles,  I think nobody loves to have those and I’m no exception but right now this is not my state of worry. I don’t care In which frame you fit my body and what comparisons you make out of my previous structure. I’m not lucky who gained weight within the limit during gestation ( 21 kgs is my record) and nor I reduced as what many women encountered just few weeks after the delivery. But I’m lucky to be a mother of the most beautiful baby in this universe. I look myself as ‘perfect’ mom just for my baby. In days to come I might reduce my calories, but right now my time is for my baby.
Your opinion might differ from mine but I don’t have to prove myself as a smart and slim mother. My baby isn’t interested in all this but how well I can take care of her. Today my back hurts like anything and there are times when my baby is crying and I have to really give few seconds before I pick her up. There are times when I want to feed her with bottle but she even isn’t ready to go for cow’s or toned milk either. She looks upon me for everything, and I have to be fuller for her. That ‘monthly’thing has also started and my lower stomach too hurts often.  And after such days full of incessant and fatigue, I do reward myself with a bite of chocolate or ‘mithai’.
People tag my body and criticise openly . But if you really care then support to handle my baby when she turns fussy.  Also times when she fall asleep and I don’t exercise but do laundry, prepare food, assemble messy house, wash, clean, eat and yes visit loo and bathe. And when I devote time for her nap and the moment I start doing exercise she usually she gets up and then to cuddle her again. Just joking, I’m happy to manage everything on my own.
Motherhood is not tough but it demands attention all the time. And when your schedules are so hectic and mixed up, you sometimes avoid that pressure of losing weight. I make constant effort to make slight change in my routine but it will take some more time to be in a balanced state.
Most of us dislike our body all the time and crave for that ideal one ( mostly depicted in TV) without analysing that every women is different. I know I can never become like Katrina or Aishwarya , neither I wish for it. I love myself and the way I am. So whether you shed few kilos or not, just enjoy your time. These moments will never come back, rest can alter. I have no envy with anyone, all care for my well-being. But I can only smile to the facts and guidance I listen from others and remember just one thing- I’m the most beautiful women to be mother of my baby. And yes I haven’t left-a-side my husband, I love him the same way as 10 years back  and probably I have started him loving more.
P.S.   I also love and admire my clothes that don’t fit me now but for sure I won’t be throwing them away ! I’m just increasing my wardrobe collection 🙂
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