You & Me…

It’s 12 AM..For me it’s still 1 hour remaining when  actually I can sleep. A disturbing and fun-filled life I am into , which rarely gives me extra moments to think about facts I love to ponder on..

I want to close my eyes and give them a bit rest..All day work & only work remains in my jest..So I patiently keep my soul alive after all work and food to think a bit myself and to do all kind of “tafri” on net.

While today I undergone into full day Intermediate Excel Training Program in office., I am still juggling hard to smart up in my blogging skills..

I have so much left to think and do which I could have done today. Gosh!!

I run after sleep..Sleep run after time ..n time runs after me….

But still , till the time I end up in my cozy blanket, I can feel lucky & bless enough to think about you.

Amongst the very few good outfits I have, I selected the best..
With few bucks in bag and tiniest of make up, I move on the beautiful streets of Dehradun to see you in the form of your gang..

Auto, streets, shops , people & anything matters for me..Ahemm..Umm..Naaaaaaaaaaaah…
I knw I give good smile but you can bet the biggest one can be with you only..

So that is the time I am toned up in this habit upcoming..Sitting in the McD with all friends I still can manage to see you..

Everyone is munching, I am hungry but I dont want to eat.. I want to keep myself in a dusky thirst, i a mild pain, in an unseen temptation & in an urge to explore ultimate solace.

This is just the start we met, so what’s the need for such behave. My hearts still can think about that, but the stems of our budding tenderness can lead to pure &  divine love till eternity..

So with the get-together delight with others, I pray to God to let me with you in your eyes, in your heart even for a second. And even that can make my day.

That can keep me like myself till the next meeting. As we are moving ahead in the urban streets, my desires are driving my prays for enchantment with you. I know your eyes are too reflexive of my innocence..

And as you are slowly coming near me, It’s like 1 more perfect sunrise for this beautiful earth..

And look I am smiling at best!!

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Today I have started to live a new life. Today I aim to look beyond what's apparent and wish to explore a new world. Today I feel like to dive into an ocean of thoughts. Today I have realized that there was there was never any yesterday for me, its been always today!! My world encircles around my baby, biggy-baby (i.e my hubby) and my thoughts. Whether I'm free or occupied with stuff, I always think, dream about my thoughts, feelings and enjoy when my words gain visibility. I'm not any writer but recently I have fallen in love with writing and since then, this love is gaining momentum with every moment!! You can also read my blogs at :

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