IPL Fever

fever 90.5 or watever, it seems fever India…my serials freak parents are watchin the grand semi-final of IPL….Kahin bhi dekho, even Sardarji who used to sit next to me keep his IPL update open in small internet window!!!

usne maara, isko maara, aise maara…n al dat stuff…..n guess wat…i can challenege…most of the watchers would even know who is playing for whom( except some created stalwarts)..but dekhna hai…..

aji cricket hai hamara dekhna hai!!!!

Dis is our sweet India…jahan cricket ki JAI HO!!!!

oops, again time is running out n i just stepped in ma room…got to do so many things!!!

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Today I have started to live a new life. Today I aim to look beyond what's apparent and wish to explore a new world. Today I feel like to dive into an ocean of thoughts. Today I have realized that there was there was never any yesterday for me, its been always today!! My world encircles around my baby, biggy-baby (i.e my hubby) and my thoughts. Whether I'm free or occupied with stuff, I always think, dream about my thoughts, feelings and enjoy when my words gain visibility. I'm not any writer but recently I have fallen in love with writing and since then, this love is gaining momentum with every moment!! You can also read my blogs at : http://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/droplets-of-thoughts-of-a-mum-wife-woman-and-much-more http://sweetberriesoflife.blogspot.in/

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